A Venture Operator

Accelerating deep tech commercialisation


Tried & tested operators with a shared history, proven operational approach & track record of commercialising deep tech.

David Hayes

Co-founding partner

David has built & sold multiple consumer electronic & software businesses throughout his working life, including Wave Optics, the largest ever deep tech transaction in the UK.

Having joined the business as CEO in 2017, David transformed Wave Optics from an R&D house into a product business, selling to Snap for $550m in May 2021, delivering exceptional returns for investors.

Claire Valoti

Co-founding partner

Claire has been at the forefront of the tech, mobile and digital marketing industry for over 23 years. She has a proven track record of building and scaling businesses fast to create sustainable and diversified business models.

Prior to founding Haylo she was head of EMEA for Snap, where she grew regional revenues from 0 to +$1B, +20x the HC growth and 5x productivity.

About us

Deep tech is at the heart of our company, we truly believe that its impact can revolutionise entire industries.

Recognising a significant gap in support infrastructure that is provided for deep tech to succeed, from investment, knowledge and resources available, we believe that deep tech requires its very own Venture Operator.

Our approach sets us apart. We not only provide financial investment but our operating team of specialists. Going beyond advisory roles, we actively engage in the work, propelling the commercialisation of deep tech innovations. Building and delivering day-to-day operational support to transform visionary deep tech into breakaway commercial successes within 3 to 5 years.

Our team has a shared history. We are former entrepreneurs, operators & leaders. Together, we have learnt what it takes to commercialise deep tech technology in unprecedented time frames.

Our Portfolio

We invest in B2B deep tech companies across Europe and the US.

We focus on engineering and science based solutions that offer a strong exit potential.

We mainly focus on seed and pre-seed however, on occasion will work with later stages that can benefit from our unique model.

The Haylo Effect

We will offer our portfolio companies and every investor access to something truly unique - The Haylo Effect. A symbiotic ecosystem where everyone profits from each other for exponential value generation.

We execute by customising
project teams for each portfolio
company at every stage,
from our pools of
in-house, multi-disciplinary talent.

We do more than advise.

We do the work.

Join the Haylo Effect.


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